An NCTzen Gets To Personally Thank NCT’s Mark For Wearing One Of Her Designs

He was shookt.

NCT‘s Mark once made a fan’s day by wearing a hoodie designed by her on a live broadcast. The fan was a designer who had created a hoodie based on him, but she never expected him to wear it one day.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am working as a fashion designer for a brand. And while planning this 21FA season, I had designed a baby cheetah hood with Mark in mind — which, to my honor, has been selected for production. It has been released today. Anyway, this post doesn’t intend anything. I just wanted to celebrate it with my family here!

— @rang_802

The design includes a cheetah, which is Mark’s representative animal (or one of them, at least), as well as the year 1820, which has Mark’s birthday (8/2) and representative number (82) in it!

The hoodie was specially designed with Mark in mind. | @rang_802/Twitter

Imagine her surprise when she saw Mark in the hoodie on a promotional episode of NCT LIFE.

Mark was wearing the baby cheetah hoodie. | seezn/YouTube

Now, it was her turn to give Mark a surprise. The lucky fan won a video call with Mark himself and took the chance to tell him about the hoodie. The call took place on April 1, 2022, and Mark was beyond shocked to find out.

220401 Hottracks #Mark #mark video call review

Minhyung was surprised to see the designer of the hoodie appear.

— @rang_802

She had been worried about whether or not she should tell him about the matter. She showed him the screenshot of him wearing the hoodie on her iPad while explaining. Mark’s jaw dropped immediately after finding out the truth behind the coincidence.

To be honest, I deliberated a lot if I should tell him about the cheetah hoodie or not as I was writing my script. But thanks to Mark Lee’s magic, the time that I spent worrying over it seems a pity now… After I told him I made it with him in mind, he spent 6-7 seconds like that… I was holding back my tears.

— @rang_802

She got to thank him for being her muse.

“Thank you for being my muse!” Minhyung. Thank you so much, and thank you for being touched about it. You really moved me when you smiled brightly and pointed to the screen.

— @rang_802

He finally wrapped things up with the one sentence that made her infinitely happy.

After I told him I was the designer [for the hoodie], he was shocked for some time, then spent some time being happy, and finally, he managed to say one line.

Mark: Wow, but really… it’s such a relief you [got to] come [to the call] today.

— @rang_802

It’s not every day that your idol wears something you made, and it’s even rarer that you get to tell him about it. @rang_802 must have saved a country in her past life for this sort of luck! Congratulations to both Mark and this NCTzen.