NCT’s Mark Goes Viral For How He Explains The Meaning Of “2 Baddies”

NCTzens weren’t buying it…

NCT‘s Mark is going viral for his unique explanation of “2 Baddies.”

NCT’s Mark | SM Entertainment

NCT, especially NCT 127, time and time again attempt to convince listeners that their songs are PG. In reality, we know the majority of their songs are sexual.

Sometimes, not even the members are on the same page, though. So, when asked to explain songs, it can result in incohesive and inconsistent responses…

NCT 127’s latest title track, “2 Baddies,” from their album of the same name, is no exception to this dilemma.

Recently, NCT 127 made history as the first K-Pop artists to guest on the American talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show. 

During the episode, host and fellow music artist Jennifer Hudson asked about the meaning of “2 Baddies.” Mark came up with a response that everyone knew made 0 sense if they actually knew the song’s lyrics. Even before he said anything, NCTzens laughed, knowing they would devise an alternative meaning to tell Hudson.

Two video clips of Mark are going viral from the incident, with 103.4K views and 131.7K views, respectively, at the time of writing.

One NCTzen even predicted last month that when asked to explain “2 Baddies,” NCT 127 would make it about ambition rather than sex.

They were almost exactly right…

One thing is for certain Mark and NCTzens are surely creative!

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