NCT’s Official Account Accidentally Reveals A Vape In Johnny’s Photo

The photos were shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Recently, the members of NCT 127 have been spending time doing individual and subunit activities following the completion of their promotions for “Ay-Yo.”

NCT 127 | @nctsmtown_127/Twitter

As some members have been busy with subunit activities, others remained a little out of the spotlight, like Johnny, who only recently appeared for MC duties alongside Jungwoo for MBC‘s Music Core.

(left to right) NCT’s Johnny and Jungwoo. | MBC

Just a few days ago, Johnny shared that he would be going to America but did not share why. Many fans assumed he was visiting his home in Chicago or doing something related to fashion.

The following day, videos and clips of Johnny in Los Angeles were shared online by the official NCT accounts and lucky fans who managed to spot him in the streets.

Not long after, it was revealed Johnny would be attending the 2023 Gold Gala presented by Gold House, an event honoring the year’s A100, the 100 Asian and Pacific Islanders “who have most significantly impacted culture and society in the last year.”

| Gold House

While Johnny attracted attention during his gold carpet walk…

…and was given the honor of making a speech during the event…

…fans couldn’t help but notice one detail of photos shared of Johnny just before the event began.

As with significant events, the NCT official accounts shared photos of Johnny in his Thom Browne outfit before he departed from his hotel room.

| @nct/Instagram

The star looked incredibly handsome in the images, but eagle-eyed fans noticed something sitting on the couch in the background of his photos.

| @nctsmtown/Twitter

A closer look revealed a mysterious object fans discovered to be a vape!

| @nctsmtown/Twitter

Since this is not the first time (this year) NCT member has been revealed to smoke, fans immediately found the situation hilarious. The fact that the official NCT Twitter account posted it especially stood out.

| Twitter

In a past viral clip, Taeyong jokingly showed Johnny a no-vaping sign in an airport. Johnny previously posted photos that fans believe exposed his own vape. 

As smoking is a personal choice for adults, fans couldn’t help but crack jokes that another member had been caught again.

As of writing, the post with the images is still up. Check out when his group mate Taeyong was accidentally shown with a vape!

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