NCT’s Photography King Jaemin Partners With Adobe And Posts The Most Wholesome Ad Ever

Photoshop classes taught by Jaemin? Sign me up!

NCT‘s Jaemin is now partnered with Adobe, and recently released the most wholesome tutorial ever made! Even though Jaemin was plugging Photoshop everywhere he could, watching him do his thing and listening to his relaxing voice made us forget it was an ad.

Jaemin from NCT taking photographs. | NCT/YouTube 

Jaemin’s photography skills are no joke, and he often shares his photos on the NCT DREAM Twitter account as well as his personal Instagram! He not only takes the stunning shots but also edits them as well.

During his “relay cam” vlog last year, Jaemin spent his hour-long timeslot showing his editing process. Photography is obviously something that Jaemin has a real passion for, and it’s (literally) paying off now!

| NCT/YouTube 

Jaemin’s not only skilled with photo editing, but also video editing! He even personally edited NCT DREAM’s VCR for their concert using Adobe’s Premiere Pro program.

Today, he uploaded a video on YouTube titled “Nana’s Joyful Day #1 Photoshop” where he showed NCTzens how he takes photos and edits them. He had a very simple but inspiring message about the value of taking photos.

Photos let you remember things. On a day you are free or when you just remember, just take pictures out of your memory chip and remember those moments as you edit the photos. I think it’s a nice way to relax. It is for me, at least!

— Jaemin

| NCT/YouTube 

His carefree style showed in this video as he wandered around the yard taking photos of anything that caught his eye, from the grass to a sheet. Watching Jaemin take photographs while he explains his artistic process is so healing!

| NCT/YouTube 

It’s so pretty out the window! Then, I should take a picture of it. […] Let’s say you’re wearing pretty socks. Then, you can take pictures of them too.

— Jaemin

Jaemin showed off his Photoshop skills and played around with some new features in the program, like its background-erasing and age-changing tools.

| NCT/YouTube 

He had so much fun with it, hilariously editing a candle into the sky like a UFO. Jaemin encouraged NCTzens to try it out as well!

| NCT/YouTube 

Fans quickly found that on Adobe’s Korean website, there’s a section all about their collaboration with Jaemin. They even posted design assets and photos by Jaemin himself that are free to download and use! They are also running a contest where fans can win Adobe software, AirPods, t-shirts, and giftcards.

“Nana’s Joyful Day” | Adobe

NCTzens are so happy to see Jaemin getting to collaborate with Adobe considering his love for photography! It’s totally a unique opportunity that fits with Jaemin’s hobby perfectly.

| NCT/YouTube  

Check out his video below!

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