NCT’s Renjun Impresses Lee Young Ji With His Mature Perspective On Success

“I will try to be like Mr. Renjun!”

When NCT DREAM made an appearance on Lee Young Ji‘s Hip Pladio, the host asked the group what kind of results they expected from “Hello Future.”

Lee Young Ji interviewing NCT DREAM. 

Renjun shocked her with his mature take on what kind of expectations they should have!

Left to right: Lee Young Ji, Jisung, Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, Haechan, Renjun, Chenle. 

Renjun explained that the group didn’t have high expectations for Hot Sauce. He admitted that “It may seem like just talk,” but NCT DREAM had other focuses while preparing for the album’s release.

But truly, leaving results and all that behind, first of all, we really had fun in this promotion, so let’s create memories and be happy! That was our main thought.

— Renjun

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter 

He then said that because they had such good results, they were “able to continue working with a happy and grateful heart.

Renjun said Hello Future was “also about having fun together and making good memories while enjoying this feeling.

Lee Young Ji was impressed by Renjun’s response!

She asked Renjun specifically about the numbers, however, saying they must have had something in mind.

Renjun and the members agreed that if they start setting expectations on numbers, it’ll just keep rising and they might be disappointed.

He said that if they focus on the joy and good memories, then the team will always feel happy among themselves!

After hearing Renjun’s very thoughtful approach to success, Lee Young Ji humorously said she will reflect on her own negative way of thinking.

A big fan of NCT, Lee Young Ji once said she would retire if the group ever appeared on her show!

However, after hearing Renjun’s thoughts, she said she will delay her retirement so that she can follow his advice and “focus on happiness and the activity itself.

Here is the clip from NCT DREAM’s interview with Lee Young Ji!


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