NCT’s Renjun Debuts A Stunning New Hair Color For Their Japan Concert

Haechan couldn’t help saying he was “so pretty.”

Following NCT DREAM‘s “ISTJ” promotions, Renjun didn’t stray from his pale blond hair. Until now.

Renjun | @yellow_3to3/Instagram

In celebration of NCT‘s NCT NATION: To The World tour stop in Osaka, Renjun changed his hair color completely.

| @yellow_3to3/Instagram

The idol surprised fans by stepping on stage with stunning light blue hair.

| @ierj0323/Twitter

Even when his hair became messy from performing, NCTzens agreed the look suited him well. They weren’t the only ones who thought so, either.

During one of the talking segments, Haechan about Renjun looking “so pretty” with his new hair color.

The color was more stunning up close, with some pieces appearing turquoise and others a richer blue.

The new change was such a big hit among fans that it became a trending topic.

Source: Twitter


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