NCT’s Renjun Surprised NCT 127 With A Gift, And They Loved It So Much That They Began To Fight Over Him

Renjun is NCT’s baby.

During NCT 127‘s “2 Baddies” promotions, NCT Dream‘s Renjun sent eel lunch boxes to his hyungs while they were at Music Core.

NCT 127/YouTube 

His kind gift instantly touched the members’ hearts, who couldn’t contain their gratitude and sent their love and thanks to him over and over again.

Taeyong and Yuta promised to treat him to a meal in return, sincerity dripping from their eyes. Even though it might not seem much, caring about someone’s meals is the universal sign of love, and Renjun is even careful with his food selection, making sure they’re receiving energy and nutrition.

Mark and Haechan couldn’t contain their affection as they gushed over Renjun’s gift, and from their reactions, it’s easy to think that the lunch boxes were a surprise.

Renjun had indeed intended the gift to be a surprise, but Jisung accidentally let the cat out of the bag and informed NCT 127 a few days before their Music Core schedule.

Still, despite the surprise being ruined, NCT 127 were super excited about the meal, and Haechan even called Renjun to express his thanks. Renjun and Haechan have the sweetest friendship, but they’re also chaotic, and teasing each other is part of their daily routine. When Haechan asked who Renjun sent the lunch boxes for, trying to force Renjun to choose him as Renjun’s favorite member, Renjun apologized but said it wasn’t for him.

Then all the members started arguing over who Renjun sent the lunch boxes for, only for Mark to end up top (to the dismay of Haechan and Jaehyun).

Haechan couldn’t accept the result, but Renjun wasn’t going to change his mind. Still, just from how Haechan addresses Renjun, it’s clear that while he’s sulky, there are no hard feelings. It’s just another day in Renjun and Haechan’s friendship, and we can’t wait to see more of their sweet and chaotic dynamic.


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