Former NCT’s Shotaro Addresses Fans In A Touching Letter After Leaving The Group

It was previously announced that he will be leaving the group.

NCT‘s Shotaro and Sungchan were previously announced to be leaving the group. They will be making their debut in a new boy group instead.

SM Entertainment’s announcement. | SM Entertainment

After the news broke out, Shotaro took to his personal Instagram to address his loving fans.

Hello, this is Shotaro. I think you guys would’ve been really shocked after watching today’s video. I wanted to truly thank the fans first, who have been supporting me up to now. I think what became the biggest strength to me during my promotions in NCT was the fans’ very existence.

I was so happy because of the constant love and support through all my promotions in music shows, various content, and performances! And there were fans who told me that because I existed, they could work hard and thanked me. Hearing that, I think I too, was able to gain more strength.

Thank you.

All of the time that I spent with my fans are good memories. Thank you for always looking over my promotions with warm gazes. And I wanted to convey my gratitude to the members who have been treasuring me like family from when I joined up to now. I respect the members who have always shown me cool and great sides to themselves, be it when working or when we are together normally.

It has been my true happiness and honor to have promoted in such a precious team as NCT. I think the precious experiences that I got to learn from through my promotions in NCT will give me strength to become an artist that everyone will be proud of! I will work hard.

I will come back “soon,” cooler than ever, so please wait for me just a little bit!

— Shotaro

Hopefully, fans will be comforted by his handwritten letter! We’re sure that NCTzens will continue to support Shotaro on his new journey.



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