Here’s The Reason NCT’s Shotaro Felt Some “Fear” When Finding Out He Was Debuting

He was “very happy” about it but faced a few minor obstacles.

Fans didn’t hesitate to welcome NCT‘s Shotaro as one of the group’s newest members in 2020, quickly making his way into NCTzens’ hearts with his dancing skills and cute personality. While his debut went smoothly, Shotaro recently revealed that he felt some fear before debuting and why he’d been so worried.

Taeyong, Shotaro, and Mark. | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

During his MEN’S NON-NO interview, Shotaro shared how excited he was when finding out his hard work to debut had paid off. He said, “When I was first told that I was going to be joining NCT, I was so very happy.

| @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Because Shotaro had started as an NCTzen himself, it all came full circle for him. Excitement wasn’t the only thing he felt, though.

I went from being part of the audience and being touched deeply, to then realizing that I would actually become part of that! The excitement was nonstop.

— Shotaro

| @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Despite how excited Shotaro was, he had a few worries. He admitted, “As for the fear…there were so many different aspects.” Learning Korean had been part of that fear because he “had a pretty hard time with learning the language” and noted that he still does.

| @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Shotaro was also overwhelmed by all the new experiences in a country much different from Japan. He couldn’t stop worrying but didn’t have to go through it alone since Sungchan was also learning the ropes.

Activities as a group, the world of show business, living abroad… it was all so new to me and I was constantly on edge and I was also wary about what the future had in store for me.

— Shotaro

Shotaro and Sungchan. | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Despite Shotaro’s fears about debuting, he earned fans’ love for knocking his debut out of the park and slowly showing everything he has to offer as an idol. Now he has a big NCT family to support him in whatever the future throws at him.

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