NCT’s Shotaro Wins Over Korean Netizens With His Smooth Moves On His Debut Stage

They had their doubts about him at first but now they’re fans!

NCT‘s newest addition, Shotaro, has been impressing Korean netizens with his impeccable dance skills.

Shotaro took part in his first live performance on 15 October 2020, as part of M!Countdown. Having trained for a mere 3 months in SM Entertainment, his level of stage command was highly praised.

This particular move where Shotaro stands center, stood out the most.

Considering his short training time with the team, his synergy with the rest of the members deserves the praise.

His cover of NCT DREAM‘s Boom was especially lauded as he mastered the difficult moves with ease. Check it out below!

This doesn’t come as a surprise to NCTzens! Shotaro was in a famous dance group in Japan, before he was casted and came to South Korea to train under SM Entertainment. His predebut dance videos show off an impressive level of control and swiftness in movement.

Netizens have praised him for his high standards of dance.

  • “I watched the M!Countdown stage and I think he’s the best at dance by my standards. But I guess this group’s dance is easy as a whole anyway.”
  • “I’m not a stan of SM so I don’t know the dance lines of SM idols and stuff like that but he doesn’t seem like he only trained 3 months. I don’t know all the members in the group so my eyes only go to the familiar few I know. However, he stood out to me.”
  • “The song this time is so good”
  • “He’s good at dancing.”
| theqoo
  • “I don’t know about dance that much but he’s good. And I like him more because he’s always smiling. It was worrisome he got cursed out so much since the start. Congrats on debuting!”
  • “I’m a stan of a different idol but he dances so lightly that even if he’s dancing not at full power, it looks good. He dances well.”
  • “Light on his feet and his dance lines are good.”
  • “He dances well and stands out.”
| theqoo

Although many were apprehensive when he was first announced as a member, it seems that he’s won them over successfully!

Source: theqoo


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