NCT’s Shotaro Posts A Cover Of EXO’s “Growl” And Fans Speculate His Dance Partner Is A New Member

Could NCT be getting its 24th member?

NCT‘s Shotaro posted a dance cover of EXO‘s song “Growl” on the SM Entertainment TikTok account @pinkinmyblood — but he wasn’t alone!


Growl 🦦🔥 #SHOTARO #NCT @official_nct #EXO #엑소#으르렁 #Growl #PinkBlood #핑크블러드

♬ 으르렁 Growl – EXO

Dancing with Shotaro is an unknown person wearing a similar uniform-style outfit and a hat purposefully covering their face.

Shotaro (right) and the speculated new member (left).

At first, fans thought it might have been fellow NCT member Renjun. However, Renjun has a birthmark on his hand that the person in the video doesn’t appear to have!

Renjun has a birthmark on his right hand. | NCT DREAM/YouTube

It could be simply an SM Entertainment choreographer or dancer. But fans questioned why they would dress them in a similar outfit to Shotaro’s if this were the case!

The logo on the blazer could be NCT’s new logo, as it looks slightly similar to the badge-style logos SM Entertainment rolled out earlier last year.

SM Entertainment launched these redesigned logos in January 2021. | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

Furthermore, the person’s hat has the word “green” on it, and NCT’s brand color is a shade of green titled Pearl Neo Champagne!

Fans wonder if the person could be a new member of NCT. The group confirmed they are preparing for NCT 2021, and they have a history of adding new members before these full-group projects: in 2018, JungwooLucas, and Kun joined; in 2019, HenderyXiaojun, and YangYang joined; Shotaro and Sungchan joined just last year.

NCT 2020 had 23 members. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

There is speculation that NCT will debut a Japanese unit soon, now that there are two Japanese members in the group: Yuta and Shotaro. Fans think it’s possible that this person could be one of the members!

Shotaro (left) and Yuta (right) are the only two Japanese members of NCT. | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

They could also be “Y from Tokyo,” a trainee introduced through SM Entertainment’s official casting Twitter account back in February. This would make them a potential member for the company’s new boy group, referred to as “SMNBG.”

Whether they’re a new NCT member, a trainee preparing for SMNBG, or simply a dancer within the company, only time will tell!

Source: TikTok and Instagram