NCT’s Sungchan And Shotaro Shed Tears Over The Challenges They Faced Together

They let all their emotions out.

NCT‘s Sungchan and Shotaro have been busy filming the Japanese show What’s NCT!?. In the final episode, the two tugged on viewers’ heartstrings by having an emotional moment.

Shotaro and Sungchan. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

To end the show, Sungchan thanked the hosting duo Oideyasukoga for teaching him new things and helping him throughout filming. The hosts then pointed out how difficult it must’ve been for Sungchan, who met guests that only spoke Japanese.

They praised Sungchan for always keeping his bright energy and professionalism despite the language barrier. Their kind words touched Sungchan’s heart so much that the idol couldn’t hold back his tears.

Because Shotaro helped Sungchan with his Japanese throughout the show, he realized how Sungchan must’ve felt when doing the same for him in Korea. He was touched by Sungchan’s effort to always help him with Korean and began to cry as well.

From the days they trained together and even after their debut, Sungchan and Shotaro are always helping each other.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter


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