NCT’s Taeyong And aespa’s Giselle Are The Cutest Duo In Dance Challenge

Everyone wants to see more of them.

After seeing NCT DREAM‘s Chenle and aespa‘s Ningning playfully roasting each other like the longtime friends they are, fans were looking forward to more interactions between the two groups and recently got their wish.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Since aespa released “Dreams Come True”, a cover of S.E.S., NCT 127‘s Taeyong joined Giselle for the dance challenge.


Stepping into his element as an amazing dancer, Taeyong nailed the choreography along with Giselle. They matched so well that fans were loving how their individual charms shined.

Viewers loved how the two went from nailing the dance to closing the clip with their warm smiles and cute gestures.

NCTzens and MYs are getting all the sweet interactions from the two groups. See Taeyong and Giselle show off their cute charms in the dance clip here.