NCT’s Taeyong Bravely Saves His Fish And His Gentleness Has Us Falling Even Harder For Him

NCTzens have fallen in love with Taeyong AND his fish.

NCT‘s Taeyong got new aquatic friends September of last year, and has recently added two new fish friends. But he quickly ran into some trouble with parasites in his tank, and the love and care he has for his fish showed through as he bravely saved them.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

To welcome his new fish friends and revamp his current tank, Taeyong acquired new plants and changed around the environment.

But a few days after he got his two new fish, he noticed that one of them had a bit of skin missing from its face, and concluded that the two got into a fight. Taeyong immediately jumped to action and took the fish out to treat them.

Yet another few days later, Taeyong’s eagle eyes noticed some of his fish had a few parasites clinging to their tails. Thus commenced operation save his fish.

Taeyong’s nervousness was apparent as he anxiously did his best to keep his fish calm, repeatedly whispering “that’s good, great job,” and “it will be okay,” to his fish.

Taeyong successfully pulled the parasites off his fish, and NCTzens all felt his relief. At this point, Taeyong’s fish are a part of the NCTzen family as well.


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