NCT’s Taeyong May Finally Take The MBTI Test And It’s All Thanks To EXO’s Baekhyun

NCT stans are rejoicing right now.

When it comes to K-Pop idols, fans usually want to know as much as possible. Things like blood types, zodiac signs, and MBTI types have become very popular for idols. It gives fans a sense of knowing their idols a little better.

The MBTI test has become quite popular again recently, especially among idols, as the test seems to be a bit more specific based on your answers as opposed to your blood type that just generalizes a person’s personality type.

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So it’s no surprise that fans have asked NCT‘s Taeyong for his MBTI for years.

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The first time he was asked his response was very clear.

The MBTI test does take a while to complete.

Taeyong actually seemed so uninterested in the MBTI test that he wasn’t too clear on what the different types were.

So imagine how shocked fans were when in Taeyong’s recent live broadcast he mentioned he was going to try to take the MBTI test.

Recently, Baekhyun hyung asked me what my MBTI was. I told him ‘MBTI? I actually haven’t taken it yet’ and then Baekhyun told me I should take the test so I’m going to try to take it.


Although fans are excited to hear that Taeyong will finally give the MBTI test a chance, they hilariously commented on Taeyong’s sudden change of heart.

And according to a fan, in a recent video call with Taeyong, he mentioned that he would “try his best” to get the MBTI test done.

So as of right now, we still don’t have an official MBTI personality type for Taeyong. But one thing’s for sure, Taeyong definitely loves his SuperM hyung and fellow member Baekyun a lot!

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