NCT 127’s Taeyong Shares That His Personality Is Very Black And White And Has Many Ups And Downs

He’s aware of this, and admits that not everyone can always be perfect.

NCT 127‘s Taeyong spoke about his personality in his recent live broadcast, and shared that he has had “many ups and downs.”


Taeyong described his personality as black and white, and how after he uses all of his energy, his “mode changes.”

I have a personality that likes to see things in black and white. Easily put, I have lots of ups and downs. I am aware of that, but you can’t always be perfect.

— Taeyong

He explained that because of this, he often describes himself in simple terms.

However, it’s these very ups and downs that have helped him “express [himself] with music” by writing songs like “Dark Clouds” and his recent release “Monroe”.

He ultimately hopes that his many songs will bring comfort to listeners!

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