NCT’s Taeyong Hints At Possible Military Enlistment Timeline

He has talked about his enlistment more than once.

NCT‘s Taeyong might have just hinted at his enlistment timeline, including when he will enlist and be discharged.

NCT’s Taeyong | MBC

As male K-Pop idols age, they move closer and closer to their mandatory military enlistment. This year saw many 94-liners be called to serve, including EXO‘s Kai and Sehun.

EXO | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

Next year is said to be the year that idols born in 1995 will be required to enlist, though some 96-liners like B.A.P‘s Zelo and WOODZ have shared their upcoming enlistments.

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Taeyong, a 95-liner, is already thought to have talked about his enlistment. At NCT 127‘s recent concert, the idol talked about his immediate plans, sharing uncertainty about being able to attend upcoming tour dates.

The current law also stipulates travel restrictions for those pending enlistment, limiting overseas trips six months before the service date.

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Now, Taeyong might have given a bigger hint at when his enlistment (and discharge) could possibly be.

Earlier this month, Taeyong traveled to New York City for unnamed schedules. Based on his Instagram activity, fans have guessed this was related to his ambassadorship with LOEWE.

On December 16, Taeyong shared a series of photos now known to be from the set of NCT 127’s upcoming special winter single “Be There For Me.”

| @taexox_nct/Instagram
| @taexox_nct/Instagram

While this was not unusual for the social media active idol, the post’s caption captured attention.

I hope this Christmas isn’t our last. Have a happier Christmas next year and see you again on Christmas 2025.

— Taeyong

While it is obvious that Taeyong will be enlisted by the time Christmas 2024 comes, his promise to see fans again by Christmas 2025 can hint at his enlistment timeline.

| SM Entertainment

All enlisted men are required to serve 18-21 months, depending on the type of service. Army is the shortest at 18 months, while public service is 21 months.

If Taeyong is back by Christmas 2025, his enlistment time will be sometime in June or July 2024 if he enters the Army. If he does public service, an enlistment between March and April 2024 will allow for release by Christmas 2025.

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

While all talk of his enlistment is currently speculation, many appreciate the idol preparing them for it. Regardless of when it will happen, support for Taeyong will remain strong.