NCT’s Taeyong Joins The “Street Woman Fighter” Leaders To Ace Noze’s Viral “Hey Mama” Dance

We need an official cover!

NCT‘s Taeyong has had audiences falling for his thoughtful and energetic personality as a judge on Street Woman Fighter, and his charms show no signs of stopping, even in the show’s final episode!

Taeyong from NCT. | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Street Woman Fighter has resulted in a ton of iconic moments, but one of the most viral has been WAYB crew leader Noze‘s choreography for “Hey Mama” by David GuettaDozens of idols have covered Noze’s viral dance, and even more bust it out at random times in the funniest ways. The other NCT members have also fallen for the “Hey Mama” dance!

Noze doing her “Hey Mama” choreography. | Mnet TV 

But Taeyong’s role as a judge on the show got him the opportunity to learn from Noze herself! In a teaser video for the final episode, it was revealed that the eight crew leaders from all the Street Woman Fighter teams would perform a special stage together. Taeyong surprised them all with a visit as they were preparing.

| Mnet TV 

Because there were so many talented dancers in one place, it only made sense for them to film a dance together. And what better dance than Noze’s “Hey Mama” choreography!

| Mnet TV 

Before they started, Taeyong danced a little bit of the choreo, surprising the crew leaders with how well he knew it despite acting like he didn’t know it well.

| Mnet TV 

When they started dancing all together, Taeyong fit in perfectly with the other team leaders and skilled dancers.

| Mnet TV 

Though he mixed up some of the steps, Taeyong kept a big smile on his face and it’s clear the atmosphere was super friendly among all the leaders!

| Mnet TV 

And he definitely got the biggest point moves down!

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While Taeyong might not be performing in the leaders’ Halloween special stage, we hope we get a full dance cover from him soon! Read more about his close relationship with the Street Woman Fighter leaders below.

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And check out the video below to see Taeyong dance with the crew leaders!

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