Here’s Why NCT’s Taeyong Has Great Chemistry With The “Street Woman Fighter” Leaders, According To The Producers

Regardless of age, he gets along with the leaders well!

NCT‘s Taeyong has shown new sides of his personality to audiences thanks to his role as a judge on Street Woman Fighter, but there’s actually more that goes on behind-the-scenes that viewers don’t get to see!

NCT’s Taeyong in a promotional image for Street Woman Fighter. | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

In a recent interview with CJ ENM, Chief Producer Kwon Yeong Chan and Producer Choi Jeong Nam sat down to talk with some competitors on the phone and also share some unseen stories.

Kwon Yeong Chan and Choi Jeong Nam. | CJ ENM/YouTube 

When asked about “any unexpected chemistry” between the cast that audiences might not know about yet, Choi explained that there’s a chemistry between the judges and the crews that isn’t always shown on screen. More specifically, between Taeyong and the leaders!

| CJ ENM/YouTube 

I think there’s chemistry between the judge and leaders. Judge Taeyong had been a leader of a team and also led a big crew. So he understands the hardships of leaders. He takes care of the leaders. Regardless of age, he’d been a leader of a team like them.

— Choi Jeong Nam

As the leader of NCT, which had 23 members as of their NCT 2020 comeback, Taeyong certainly has experience leading a large group of people throughout rehearsals and performances.

Taeyong (fourth from the left) with the 22 other members of NCT 2020. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Chief Producer Kwon admitted it’s unfortunate that this chemistry between Taeyong and the leaders isn’t always shown.

We’re sad that isn’t entirely seen in the show, but if you see how Taeyong treats the leaders and the crew, I can see that they have nice chemistry.

— Kwon Yeong Chan

| CJ ENM/YouTube 

Check out the full interview below to hear some more stories from the Street Woman Fighter producers!

Source: YouTube and Instagram


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