NCT Taeyong’s New Addition To His Ruby Tattoo Will Make You Emotional

He added a new tattoo to honor his late dog.

NCT‘s Taeyong loves to play around with temporary tattoos but has a collection of real ones that hold meaning to him.


While some of his tattoos represent the bond with his groups and his inner self, he has one particular tattoo dedicated to his dog Ruby that passed away.

That tattoo is a tiny one on the upper half of his left arm and is a design of Ruby that Doyoung used for a necklace he gifted to Taeyong. Now Taeyong has honored the late Ruby with another tattoo.

At NCT 127‘s NEO CITY : SEOUL – THE LINK concert, Taeyong was seen with a crown tattoo above his Ruby one. Seeing the new addition to the tattoo made many fans emotional with Taeyong’s heartfelt display for Ruby. They also loved the small yet meaningful way he crowned “Princess” or “Queen” Ruby.

Even though Ruby is no longer among the living, Taeyong will always love his precious dog who will live on in his memories and his heart.

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram