NCT’s Doyoung Did The Purest Thing For Taeyong When His Dog, Ruby, Passed Away

You only need Doyoung in your life.

In a recent live stream, it was revealed that NCT‘s Doyoung did the sweetest thing he could for his best friend, Taeyong. Not too long ago, Taeyong‘s precious family dog, Ruby, passed away. As Taeyong was especially close to Ruby, he took it hard.

Fans found out that he got a tattoo of the dog on his elbow earlier in the year.  Taeyong later revealed that the tattoo was drawn for him by his older sister. The relationship between Taeyong and his older sister is also especially close, with the NCT members attending her wedding pre-debut as well.

| @jianxx_/Twitter

Later on, Taeyong was spotted with a Ruby necklace as well. The story behind the necklace was only recently revealed on live stream. Taeyong shared, “Why Doyoung made this necklace for me, was because, I think he wanted to do this for me when he saw how I was like (after Ruby passed). He personally searched up a photo of my tattoo and this is the version he drew. The one on my arm is my sister’s version. He had it done up in pure gold.

Taeyong was extremely touched by the gesture, and who wouldn’t be? What a sweet friend to have!