NCT’s Taeyong Opens Up About The Immense Pressure He Felt From SM Entertainment As NCT’s Leader

Fans are expressing their gratitude for all Taeyong’s done to help NCT.

On July 7th, NCT 127 celebrated their six-year anniversary as a group.

Along with subunits NCT U, NCT DREAM, and WayV, NCT has developed a massively supportive fanbase. The group is so successful that SM Entertainment plans to debut two new subunits, NCT Tokyo and NCT Hollywood.

But although NCT is only growing more successful, NCT’s leader Taeyong recently took to the private messaging app Bubble to open up to fans about how difficult it was for the group to achieve success.

Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

As their leader, Taeyong had extra pressure with a teacher who even told him that it would be his fault “if NCT fails.”

Even still, Taeyong has always proved his humbleness. Even as he shoulders the responsibility for NCT’s success, he has always focused on highlighting his members’ talents and strengths.

Taeyong explained that at NCT 127’s recent NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE LINK concert, he cried because he felt relieved knowing that NCT is successful and he doesn’t have to keep carrying his burden of responsibility, knowing that he can trust in his members.

And while NCT’s journey has been difficult for all members, Taeyong promised fans that they would keep giving fans reasons to support them.

Taeyong even specified that with how many members NCT has and how the sub-units function, it is easy for fans only to support specific members, which is, of course, upsetting since everyone in NCT is extremely talented and hard-working. Taeyong voiced his hope that fans would support all of the members.

As the leader, Taeyong makes sure that his members feel like they can rely on him and he even told fans that they should also talk to him so he can further improve.

Taeyong reassured fans that he’s going to keep being an incredible leader for the team, even though he’s “wanted to give up” many times in the past.

Fans are voicing their support for Taeyong on social media, expressing gratitude for all he’s done to lead NCT.

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