NCT’s Taeyong Surprises Fans With Performance Video For Original Song “Lonely,” And Here’s Why They Can’t Stop Praising Him

No one does it like Lee Taeyong!

Now that NCT‘s Taeyong has opened his own YouTube channel, he is wasting no time in giving the people what they want. He surprised fans by making his first upload to the channel not a vlog, but a performance video for his own original song, “Lonely.”

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Taeyong announced his personal YouTube channel, called TY TRACK, on March 14. He posted a teaser that gave a glimpse into the many different kinds of content that he would be uploading, making fans excited about seeing his many skills, including in cooking and art, as well as about seeing moments from his day to day.

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

What no one could have expected is that Taeyong’s first video would be a full-length performance video. In fact, fans joked about how Taeyong’s first upload would end up being the unboxing of his silver play button…

…which his channel qualified for within 1 hour and 40 minutes of going live.

Now NCTzens can’t stop praising Taeyong for everything from the dancing to the lyrics of “Lonely,” as he showed off his considerable talent as a choreographer, composer, lyricist…

…and much more!

Fans have been excited to see Taeyong get the opportunity to collaborate with his fellow creatives in the industry on projects that he’s passionate about…

…especially because it gives him the freedom to really explore his range as an artist, as evidenced by the interesting contrast between his lyrics and the overall tone of the video and choreography. While the choreography and the video seem bright and positive, the theme of the lyrics is actually one of loneliness and despair.

This reflects how Taeyong has always been open about discussing difficult emotions and how to process them, often encouraging fans to be honest with themselves when faced with negative emotions. Taeyong’s lyrics are really honest about his feelings, showing how passionate he is about communicating openly and authentically with his fans.

This is something that NCTzens are really appreciative of, not only because his song hit home for many…

…but because it also proves how much Taeyong values his relationship with fans!

NCTzens everywhere now can’t stop thanking him for everything he puts into his creative work…

…and praising him for the artist he’s proven himself to be.

Taeyong has made everyone proud!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch Taeyong’s “Lonely” on the link below.