NCT’s Taeyong Trends On Twitter After A Touching Live Stream That Proved His Love For Fans

Taeyong care us.

NCT‘s Taeyong trended on the night of 8th September KST, due to a live stream he had set up to talk to fans. The stream came with little pre-emption or warning, as he sprung the welcome surprise on fans. However, right after the short but sweet stream had ended, fans began to trend his name on Twitter, and for this very touching reason.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

It turns out that Taeyong had had a rollercoaster of a week – his beloved dog, Ruby, had gone to puppy heaven just a few days ago. He had updated the news via NCT 127‘s official social media accounts, much to the worry of fans who knew just how attached he was to the puppy. Taeyong had even gotten Ruby tattooed on his inner arm as one of his first tattoos.

Taeyong’s tattoo as seen in his teaser for SuperM’s “Tiger Inside”. | SM Entertainment

Just two days after the hard news, Taeyong came on to live stream to talk to fans and to reassure them he was doing well. Not only did he share that he wanted to become someone that could make others happy, he also told fans that there will be better days to come!

As hard as today was, an equally good day will come

β€” Taeyong

In a heart-breaking moment, he shared that he considered removing his tattoo even, even though he got it prior to her passing on, as he missed her. As Ruby has been with Taeyong for years, since middle school, the pain of reality must have hit him hard.

I even thought of removing the tattoo. I got it done as I missed her though. I’m sorry for only delivering such bad news to you guys. But, Ruby must’ve been happy to have received this love from so many people.

β€” Taeyong

Fans took to Twitter to express how loving NCT 127’s leader was, caring for fans before himself, when he was probably having it the hardest. He reassured fans telling them that he wants to appear in front of them, whenever they are having it the hardest.

As fans were discussing the topic, Taeyong ended up trending on real time.

| @SMTOWNEngSub/Twitter

With such a loving leader, it is no wonder NCT 127 and NCTzens adore him so much! We hope that Ruby is happy up there in puppy heaven, looking over her owner and his friends.