NCT’s Taeyong Surprises WayV By Appearing On Their Comeback Live Broadcast

They were excited to see him and hear his supportive words.

As the leader of NCT, Taeyong didn’t miss the chance to support WayV during the countdown live broadcast for their “Phantom” comeback.

Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

When the group was in the middle of their live broadcast, they were surprised to see someone unexpected on set. Ten said, “There is a cool man over there.” Though they wanted everyone to guess who the unexpected guest was, there was no mistaking who he was.

As the members welcomed him with a round of clapping, Taeyong introduced himself to the viewers.

Since WayV’s first full-length album, Awaken The World, was released in 2020, and their mini-album Kick Back in 2021, Taeyong pointed out much he’d been looking forward to their comeback. He congratulated them and complimented them on Phantom.

Congratulations. How many years has it been? I’ve waited so long.

…The concept looks good with your team. So gorgeous! Good luck. Fighting!

— Taeyong

Although it took WayV some time to make a comeback, Taeyong and fellow WayZenNis were happy to see the group return with “Phantom”.

WayV | @WayV_official/Instagram


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