NCT’s Ten Made Dreams Come True With His Waist Chain

Fans wanted an idol to rock the sexy fashion, and he delivered.

For the longest time, a particular waist chain circulated around Twitter as K-Pop fans wished their favorite idol would try the look. From NCT‘s Ten‘s special stage with MONSTA X‘s Shownu for the 2020 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, he fulfilled fans’ wishes.

| InkigayoPDNote

As the top dancers in WayV and MONSTA X, Ten and Shownu collaborated for a dance stage that left fans impressed by their flawless dancing. If they were amazing on their own, together they were next level.

During their solo dances, eagle-eyed fans noticed something different about Ten’s fashion.

Despite going without an undershirt, Ten was decked out in accessories, including a chain around the waist of his pants. From a closer angle, there was another chain that hadn’t been as visible before.

Because of the dark lighting for the stage and the brief closeup that was shown, it was easy to miss that Ten was wearing a thin, silver chain around his bare waist. As soon as fans realized what they were seeing, they couldn’t believe that he’d made many of their dreams come true.

From the many times that Ten’s worn see-through shirts or gone shirtless, he isn’t afraid to show off the sexy fashion that everyone wants to see. Check out him wearing the waist chain that all fans had been waiting for an idol to wear.