NCT’s Ten Reveals How His Relationships With NCT, WayV, And SuperM Are Different From Each Other

He gets along well with each group!

As a member of NCT, WayV, and SuperM, Ten often shows his incredible ability to get along with all kinds of people!

NCT’s Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

In a new DIVE Studios video called “WayV and SuperM’s ~Vibes~,” Ten explained how his relationships with his 3 groups differ from each other despite all being great relationships.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

A viewer sent a question in asking how to have good chemistry with friends they don’t have much in common with, as well as with people in general.

“How do I have good chemistry with these friends or just people in general?” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Ten revealed that he used to try to hang out with people he shared common interests with when he was in school, but he grew out of it. “It’s like you’re expecting someone to be like you, and it’s impossible because people are all different,” he said.

Ten recommended that the viewer who asked for advice try to find just one thing in common with their friends, so they can relate to each other and build the friendship from there.

Ten explained that people should just be themselves when it comes to making friends, and he used his relationship with NCT to illustrate how easy maintaining a friendship can be.

“With NCT, because I trained with them when I was little, even though I haven’t met them for like a year we’re still friends,” he said. He described his relationship with the members of NCT as a “best friend vibe.” 

“It’s like a best friend vibe with NCT members.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Ten then explained that WayV feels like a family of brothers who hang out, have dinner together, and have movie nights together.

“We all have, like, dinner night and movie night. We do that as a family of friends.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

He said SuperM feels like “university students hanging out together”  who all have different interests.

Clearly, Ten gets along with the members of each of his 3 groups, and he’s thriving in each group’s unique dynamic!

Check out the full clip from DIVE Studios below.



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