NCT’s Ten Addresses Fans’ Wish For Him To Release A Full Album

Here’s what you can expect from Ten.

From 2017’s “Dream In A Dream” to 2022’s “Birthday”, NCT‘s Ten has consistently treated fans to a new solo song nearly every year. Now fans wonder if the idol is getting ready to finally release a full album.

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During Ten’s recent interview with Billboard, he addressed the question and dived into the different processes of making music as a soloist and part of a group.

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Ten immediately confirmed he’s interested in making a full solo album. He said, “I love working as a team, but I also want to do my solo stuff because you can put in your thoughts and personality.

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He broke down how he chooses songs for his solo releases. Ten shared, “Even though I sometimes didn’t write my song, I can check out the demos and say, ‘Okay. I want to try this or try that.'”

Despite his experiences sometimes differing from the lyrics he receives, Ten uses the opportunity to make it come to life.

And when you read the lyrics, it’s like acting. You’re trying to change yourself for that song as you work on it. It’s like, a song can be very groovy or hip-hop or swag.

— Ten

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Making solo music is an enjoyable process for him. Ten said, “I can simply work on the song process, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.” Group releases can be much more limiting, though.

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Because he has to deliver what’s specifically needed of him when recording the group’s music, Ten sees the fun sides of doing both. He’ll always make time to enjoy making solo music, including that full album.

As a group, it’s also fun, but it’s different. As a team, you put in the element of yourself but you’re still trying to be in motion with your team. Both are fun for me to work so I have to do both.

— Ten

Ten, Winwin, and Xiaojun. | @wayvofficial/Instagram
Source: Billboard


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