NCT And THE BOYZ Spotted Eating At A Restaurant Together

A fan had a friendly interaction with them.

THE BOYZ‘s Kevin kicked off the new year by surprising fans with his new friendship with NCT‘s Ten and Renjun.


Thanks to a recent outing between the two groups, fans didn’t have to wait long to get a closer look at their new bond.

Renjun | @yellow_3to3/Instagram

On March 1, a fan entered a restaurant and spotted THE BOYZ’s Kevin and Jacob eating with NCT’s Ten, Renjun, and YangYang. The fan also had a friendly encounter with them.

THE BOYZ and NCT. | @vertlete/Twitter

The fan politely asked for autographs from Ten and Renjun, which they received. They weren’t the only ones who shared details about the members’ outing.

Renjun’s signature. | @vertlete/Twitter
Ten’s signature. | @vertlete/Twitter

Kevin also shared photos of the meal he ate that day, appearing to be the same one he ate with Jacob and the NCT members.

Although the idol friends haven’t interacted on stage yet, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see them having a good time together off-stage.

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