NCT’s WinWin And Lucas Spotted Hanging Out

A fan met them at a restaurant.

NCT‘s WinWin was spotted hanging out with Lucas.

Lucas (left) and WinWin (right) | Weibo via @WayV_official/Twitter

SM Entertainment just announced Lucas’ departure from NCT, including WayV. He is planning to pursue solo endeavors.

| SM Entertainment

Following the announcement, a fan shared that they had met Lucas along with WinWin on April 3 at the famous hanwoo (Korean premium beef) restaurant in Cheongdam-dong that the 97-line friend group ate at last year. The fan had originally been searching for Jaehyun‘s autograph but left with WinWin’s.

I decided that the statute of limitations had expired, so I tweeted.
On the third of April, when I went to Korea in search for Jaehyun’s autograph in a famous meat restaurant, I had an encounter with Lucas and WinWin. And WinWin signed for me. It’s an heirloom. I hope that the two of you can shine on your own paths.

영천영화/Youngcheon Yeonghwa (Cheongdam-dong)
Yukke bibimbap was very delicious ♩

— @jajaj_amal/Twitter

After the news, some fans were excited to see that the two had semi-recently hung out, as it appears they are still close.

Since Lucas’ departure from NCT, he also penned a letter to his fans regarding his decision. He expressed gratitude to both the members and fans.

Hello, this is Lucas.

Today, I have an important announcement to share with you.

After much deliberation and reflection, I have made the difficult decision to part ways with the group NCT and WayV. I sincerely feel sorry for the members, and it is with a heavy heart that I leave behind a long-standing friendship. It has been nearly 8 years since I first joined the members, and I am deeply grateful for their care and support. I will cherish these memories and never forget. I hope that the members will remember me as Huang Xuxi, not just Lucas. I genuinely love them and will always support them from the bottom of my heart.

It took considerable time for me to reach this decision, and I believe this is the right decision for the good of all. Moving forward, I intend to muster the courage to face the fans who have been waiting for me and to pursue individual endeavors. I believe the best way to repay the fans who support me is by continuing to deliver outstanding performances.
I will strive to become a more mature Huang Xuxi and an even better Lucas.

Lastly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the fans and everyone who has continually supported me.

— Lucas

You can read more below.

Lucas Pens An Emotional Letter To Fans Following His Departure From NCT

Source: jajaj_amal


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