A Clip Of NCT Winwin’s Steamy Scene In Upcoming C-Drama “Sweet Games” Goes Viral

“I need all of NCT’s reactions…”

A clip of NCT Winwin‘s acting is going viral on Twitter as fans voice their excitement for his upcoming drama Sweet Games.

NCT’s Winwin

Of course, fans are familiar with Winwin’s variety talent as he’s hosted TV shows like The Flavour Rings a Bell and been a regular guest on variety shows like Star Chaser Season 2.

And fans are understandably excited about “Actor Winwin,” especially after a clip from the teaser for the Chinese drama Sweet Games has gone viral.

Poster for “Sweet Games”

Sweet Games will tell the story of the encounter between a voice dubbing actor, Yan Yue (Winwin), and a career-driven boss, An Ran (He Hong Shan).

Poster for “Sweet Games”

And a romantic moment between the two from the teaser is going viral on Twitter as fans are in awe of the steamy scene.

| ayu sryuandani29/YouTube 
| ayu sryuandani29/YouTube 

Fans can’t wait to see more of Winwin’s acting.

And were especially shocked by his incredible duality.

Fans are beyond excited about the drama to air…

Although they might be equally excited to see the members reacting to Winwin’s acting.

You can watch the full teaser here.