NCT’s Yuta Spams His Members’ Livestream With Comments All About Mark, And It’s Honestly So Relatable

Who’s the guy in the glasses 👀

NCT‘s Yuta is never shy when it comes to expressing affection for his members, especially for Mark!

Mark (left) and Yuta (right) from NCT. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Jaehyun, Haechan, and Mark were on Instagram live on NCT 127’s official account when they were joined in the comments by Yuta. Since their concept right now is that they all attend university together, they pretended not to know each other! Haechan called him “Yuta-nim” and by his username, @yuu_taa_1026.

Jaehyun (left), Haechan (center), and Mark seeing Yuta in the comments. | @nct127/Instagram 

Yuta asked his members to “please look here,” so the three of them waved at the camera for him.

| @nct127/Instagram

Even though there were three members doing the livestream, Yuta only had eyes for “the guy with the glasses!” He commented not once but twice asking who the person wearing the glasses is.

“Do you perhaps know the guy with the glasses??” | @nct127/Instagram via @eternallyuta_/Twitter
“Who is the person with the glasses??” | @nct127/Instagram via @eternallyuta_/Twitter

Yuta couldn’t stop sending comments about Mark, calling him “Mark-nim” and “Mark-sunbae!”

“Mark-nim, hello.” | @nct127/Instagram via @eternallyuta_/Twitter
“Mark-sunbae” | @nct127/Instagram via @eternallyuta_/Twitter

When Yuta had to leave the livestream, he cutely commented “Everyone, I’ll get going now, bye” — but instead of writing annyeong (bye) he wrote angyeong (glasses)!

| @nct127/Instagram via @eternallyuta_/Twitter
Jaehyun, Haechan, and Mark laughing after Yuta wrote angyeong. | @nct127/Instagram 

It was so hilarious to see that even in their NCIT universe, Yuta is still as whipped for Mark as he is in real life! The two definitely have a unique relationship that fans can’t get enough of.

Source: Instagram