NCT127 Reveals The Original Title For “gimme gimme” And The Meaning Behind Their Songs

Their reasoning behind each song made me fall more in love.

NCT127 reveals the deep meanings behind each song in their new LOVEHOLIC album.

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Gimme Gimme

The title song of LOVEHOLIC, “gimme gimme” is a passionate love song with incredible sounds and an even better performance.

This song is about loving someone so deeply, you end up needing everything about that person. That’s the feeling this song expresses.

— Mark

Doyoung also revealed that the original title of the track was “wish wish,” but was changed when the lyrics changed to “gimme gimme.”


This “oriental” vibe song (according to Taeil) uses changing lipstick as a metaphor for emotions.

Lipstick is about someone you like. When they wear a style of outfits they don’t usually wear, or change their hairstyle, it reveals a completely different side of their charm.

— Taeil

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First Love

This cheerful song was pre-released earlier this month, and will without a doubt lift your spirits.

It draws a happy scenery, doesn’t it? The feeling of your heart pounding on the first date, or when you fall in love for the first time, is honestly expressed in this song.

— Johnny

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Chica Bom Bom

Unlike the other songs, “Chica Bom Bom” is a bit…spicier.

This song expresses the hot and romantic relationships. Though all the songs are love songs, this one is more sensual.

— Jaehyun

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Right Now

Taeyong’s favorite track from the album, “Right Now” is an upbeat song about connecting with someone in the present moment.

It’s a sentimental song compared to other ones. It’s slower than other songs.

— Taeil

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“Kick It” also made a surprise reappearance in the LOVEHOLIC album. After a quick explanation from the members, it was revealed that the song shares a connection with “gimme gimme” in its lyrics about overcoming trauma.

“Kick It” is the sequel. “gimme gimme” comes first. So one person overcomes the trauma with love and grows more.

— Yuta

Source: NCT 127 LOVEHOLIC Special Talk Live


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