NCT Dream Surpasses IU For Fastest Song On Melon To Reach 10,000 Likes

They’re taking over!

NCT Dream is taking over the world with their new comeback album, Hot Sauce. Not only did Hot Sauce surpass 1.7 million copies in pre-sales, they also recently beat soloist IU‘s record for the fastest song on Melon to reach 10,000 likes.

| SM Entertainment

Melon is one of Korea’s most popular music streaming sites. According to Kpop Charts on Twitter, their song “Hot Sauce” surpassed the 10,000 likes mark within a single minute of release. IU’s “Celebrity” took 3 minutes to reach the mark, while EXO‘s Baekhyun made 4 minutes with “Bambi”.

This is a huge feat for the boy group, who debuted in 2016. This is their first comeback with all 7 members after Mark‘s graduation. He was returned to the group after the graduation system was abolished recently. Congratulations to the boys for their amazing achievements. Check out their music video for “Hot Sauce” below!