NCT’s Taeil Reveals His Love For Winwin Is As Strong As Ever Even Though They Live In Different Countries

Nothing has changed about Taeil and Winwin’s dynamic.

Taeil‘s admiration for Winwin has been well-known among NCTzens, and fans will be glad to hear that it is still ongoing.

While Taeil has been open about his esteem for Winwin, fans have been amused at Winwin’s deadpan reception of Taeil’s affection.

During an interview with BillboardMark even joked that “Taeil has a crush on Winwin kinda.”

Although Winwin has not promoted with NCT 127 this past year, this has not stopped them from remaining friends.

Taeil confirmed this during a live broadcast when he was asked whether he kept in touch with Winwin.

Haha I contact Winwin often

While Taeil revealed he does call Winwin often, it looks like their dynamic is still the same.

In contrast to Taeil’s enthusiastic initiation of their calls, he scolded Winwin for being terrible at answering his calls.

But sometimes he doesn’t pick up when I call him. He’s a bad guy

Still, Taeil reassured fans that their friendship is still ongoing, even though Winwin is currently promoting in China as a WayV member.

Taeil even reiterated that it was definite that he and Winwin are going to remain friends. And his love is still as strong as ever.

But of course we contact each other, I love him so much, you know?

Winwin has previously confirmed that he is still friends with Taeil. He even made sure to wish Taeil a “Happy Birthday” as soon as the clock struck midnight.

No distance can ever stop Taeil’s admiration for Winwin.

And as much as fans hope that Winwin will answer more of Taeil’s calls, it is clear that Winwin will always call his friend back.