NCT’s Taeyong Seemingly Gets Asked If He’s Dating One Of His Members

Fans say the comment was very inappropriate.

On May 14, it was announced that NCT‘s Taeyong would release his first mini album, much to fans’ excitement.

NCT’s Taeyong | @nctsmtown/Twitter

Since then, NCT’s official accounts have shared many teasers, giving artistic hints at the album’s contents. Taeyong was also confirmed to have participated in the writing and composing of the album.

Recently, the star went live on Instagram to chat with fans as he often does. Taeyong spent time answering all sorts of questions from fans in both English and Korean.

He even revealed that he’s feeling “a little bit nervous” about his upcoming release but mainly excited because it’s his “best quality.

I can’t wait, too. You know, I’m really excited. I’m a little bit nervous but I’m okay. I’m confident. My best quality, my album. My own album.

— Taeyong

Sometime during the live, Taeyong began to read a comment that requested he hold his nose but stopped reading it before finishing the comment. He then made a face, saying, “What? No?

Fans often make ridiculous requests during live streams to have idols reveal something they might not be able to say or prove a point, much like when a fan asked Karina to rub her nose to dispel plastic rumors.

Fans were not confused about the comment for too long — after someone posted a clip of the moment, another person shared a screenshot of what the comment possibly could have been. The full comment reads “Touch your nose if you date Jaehyun.

Jaehyun is a member of NCT, which would explain Taeyong’s confusion about the question.

NCT’s Jaehyun | @nctsmtown/Twitter

Many found the comment unnecessary and wished fans would have focused on asking Taeyong questions about himself or his soon-to-be-released album.

You can check out more about Taeyong’s upcoming release below.

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