NCT’s Taeyong and Taeil Send A Sweet Message To The Group

The members were truly touched

On the final episode of NCT WORLD 2.0, leader Taeyong and eldest member Taeil appeared on a projector screen while the group feasted on a meal together. All in one place, Taeyong expressed to NCT127, NCT DREAM, and WayV that there has never been a K-Pop group like them, “a group with so many members and subgroups.”

Taeyong then became more intimate as he revealed how each member is there for one another. He also expressed how moments like this, where all the members and subunits are together, is something that he appreciates.

Towards the end, Taeyong encouraged his members to keep working hard so that they can keep shining together.

Finally, Taeyong hinted he was about to say the three words, “I love you,” and the members jokingly begged him not to.

Taeyong finally said “I love you” and the 22 other members lovingly cringe. Taeyong wished them to stay healthy, happy, and to do their best.

The members clapped to their leader’s message right when Taeil’s video message unexpectedly came on next.

Taeil introduced his message by claiming that “this is very awkward” to which the members smiled. He continued to share that though they usually promote apart in subunits, through NCT WORLD 2.0, the 23 of them have been able to grow closer.

NCT 127, WayV, NCT DREAM. We used to promote only with our seperate teams, but through this promotion, we’ve grown very close.

– Taeil

Taeil even pointed out that with so many members and personalities, there is no need for other friends.

Wrapping up his message, Taeil highlighted their new members Sungchan and Shotaro saying they are a blessing to NCT. In the end, Taeil shouted “fighting!” (Korean phrase of support and encouragement).


The final episode finished with all 23 members blowing out a cake that Taeyong and Taeil decorated: “NCT Together creates a single flame!

Watch the full video below: