NCTzen Brings Up Hendery’s Racially Insensitive Hairstyle During A Call

“Let’s skip this discussion.”

NCT‘s Hendery was recently involved in a controversy about a set of photos he posted on Weibo. These photos were of him posing in a wig of Rastafari-inspired dreads.

| 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY/Weibo

Many fans believed it to be just a misunderstanding as Koreans are not often educated on African hair and cultural appropriation. However, a recent live had some fans thinking otherwise.

In the video above, a fan says “Sorry, so about your Weibo post, there were a lot of people hurt by it.” Hendery cuts them off politely and says “Let’s skip this discussion” and moves on to another fan.

Fans speculate that SM Entertainment may not want him to say anything about it yet, however, many thought the interaction was rude regardless.

Fans are adamantly trying to educate him about the sensitivity of the post, but some think they are attacking him and are trying to “clear the searches” of his wrongdoing.

As of yet, there is still no word from Hendery or SM Entertainment on the issue, but fans keep the hashtag #HENDERY_APOLOGIZE going. They hope that although he skipped the question, the person made him aware that he needs to discuss the issue.