NCTzens Are Convinced NCT DREAM’s Renjun Looks Like Song Joong Ki With His New Haircut, And We Honestly Agree

Renjun has entered his “Vincenzo” era!

NCT DREAM Renjun‘s new hair has fans convinced he looks like actor Song Joong Ki, and we can honestly see the resemblance!

NCT DREAM’s Renjun | @yellow_3to3/Instagram
Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Recently, Renjun debuted a new close-cropped haircut. He showed it off in selfies on Weibo and Bubble, at the Seoul Music Awards, and while live streaming with the rest of the Dreamies.

| @allnctabout/Twitter

While fans have been raving about how good Renjun looks with his black hair and new haircut…

…they can’t help but notice that he looks like actor Song Joong Ki! Song Joong Ki is widely known for his roles in Descendants of the Sun and Vincenzo, among other great K-Dramas and films.

| Netflix 

While some fans have always seen the resemblance between Renjun and Song Joong Ki, it’s easier for other fans to see the resemblance now because Renjun’s new haircut is similar to Song Joong Ki’s haircut in Vincenzo.

NCTzens who are also fans of Vincenzo have been comparing Renjun to Song Joong Ki lately, and we totally see the resemblance.

Even Renjun’s groupmates hinted at how much he looked like Song Joong Ki during their live stream. Haechan mentioned that Descendants of the Sun was his favorite K-Drama, and all the members laughed at his reference to Renjun looking like Song Joong Ki.

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Even if you don’t see the resemblance between the two, we can all agree that both Renjun and Song Joong Ki are extremely talented and handsome!