NCTzens Demand The Firing Of Bodyguard Who Cursed At NCT’s Haechan

He’s been accused of leaking schedules as well.

Not only have fans of WayV been voicing their concerns about the treatment of the group by their own staff, but fans are also coming to the defense of NCT‘s Haechan against one of their bodyguards.

The bodyguard in question took to his Instagram story to share an interaction he had with Haechan. After sending him a message, that was nearly erased upon sharing, he didn’t receive a reply from the idol, even though it had been marked as seen.

He wasn’t pleased with the lack of reply. Taking matters into his own hands, he added text to the screenshot of the conversation and expressed his anger at Haechan viewing the message and ignoring it. What made fans upset was the way he referred to Haechan, calling him a “son of a b*tch.”

The explicit and unprofessional words have fans demanding that SM Entertainment fire him and focus more on protecting their artists from situations and people such as this.

Other fans have even delved deeper into the matter, finding out that the bodyguard was not a part of SM Entertainment’s staff but from an outside company. Because of this, he shouldn’t have contacted Haechan directly and instead went through the group’s manager. They’ve also accused him of leaking schedules on his Instagram account.

Regarding the entire situation, SM Entertainment has yet to address any of it or even WayV’s matters.