NCTzens Accuse SM Entertainment for Neglecting RenJun by Leaving Him out in the Rain

Fans are questioning why RenJun had neither an umbrella or a manager with him as he searched for his car.

A video of NCT‘s recent departure from SBS’s Inkigayo has been shared in online communities, and fans demand to know why RenJun was unaccompanied by his manager and was left to search for his car by himself in the rain.

The shared video shows RenJun’s fellow members being accompanied to their cars by SM Entertainment‘s staff, but shortly afterward, RenJun was spotted without any staff or an umbrella while getting soaked in the rain.

In the clip, he can also be seen calling someone, whom fans speculate to be his manager before he located his car and quickly got inside.


Following the sharing of this video, NCTzens have been expressing their rage toward SM Entertainment for failing to take proper care of RenJun.

Luckily, RenJun got into his car safe and sound, but fans are furious that the staff put him in a potentially dangerous situation with no proper security.

While fans are boycotting SM Entertainment by unsubscribing to their official channel and using hashtags to demand that they treat their artists properly, SM Entertainment has yet to make an official statement on the matter.