NeonPunch Officially Disbands After Two Years, Three Members To Re-Debut In August

Stay tuned for their re-debut!

Five member girl group NeonPunch has officially announced their disbandment just two years after debut.

According to reports, the reason behind their disbandment was due to their agency’s management difficulties due to COVID-19. Three of the members, Dayeon, Baekah and Iaan will re-debut later this month as a new group called XUM. The other two members May and Dohee stopped their activities back in April due to study and personal reasons. Their plans for future activities are currently unknown.

| @NeonPunch5/Twitter

NeonPunch debuted in 2018 with “MOONLIGHT” and gained attention for their pure and sporty vibes. Baekah is also known for ranking twelfth on JTBC’s Mixnine. The group released their mini album Watch Out this past January but activities were halted after the COVID-19 pandemic.

| @official_xum/Twitter

A100 Entertainment stated, “We apologize to everyone who was waiting to see the group perform altogether again and sadly that won’t be happening anymore. Due to COVID-19 and two members halting activities, it has been hard for the company to manage the group. We promise to go through with the new group XUM for all the fans that have been waiting for their comeback. We thank everyone who supported Neonpunch for the past three years and we hope that you continue support the remaining members in XUM.”

Good luck to the members re-debuting this month and stay tuned for more updates!

Source: star news