Netflix CEO States “Squid Game” Could Be The Highest-Grossing Netflix Show Ever

This is a huge achievement!

Ted Sarandos, Co-CEO and chief content officer of Netflix, revealed that Squid Game could become the most popular show of all time. Sarandos attended the Code Conference held in Beverly Hills, California and stated, “Nine days have passed since the release and Squid Game is likely to be the most successful non-English speaking drama released on Netflix so far.”

The K-Content found in the drama have taken over the global cultural market as well. The games and clothes that appeared in the show are selling out fast on online sites. Co-CEO Reed Hastings also garnered a lot of attention online after posting a photo of him wearing the green sweatsuit set that the cast wore in Squid Game.

Foreign media outlets have also continued to praise the show. U.S. media outlet Variety stated, “‘Squid Game’ is a show that can simultaneously express the unique vibe of Korea and the universal emotions of people around the world.”

Source: sports khan

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