The CEO Of Netflix, Reed Hastings, Shows His Love For Original K-Drama Hit, “Squid Game”

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Netflix‘s latest K-Drama original, Squid Game, recently launched to a huge success. The show soared in rankings and soon pulled up to first place on the charts in the US, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries.

Not only have the stars of the show been shooting up in popularity, so many viewers were interested in the show that they even tried calling the phone number that appeared in the drama. While this resulted in some trouble for the Netflix team, it looks like they remain unshaken. With popularity soaring, even the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings himself, took to social media to share his love for Squid Game.

In a tweet by Netflix Korea, Reed Hastings can be seen in a tracksuit for Squid Game. In the drama, al participants are required to wear the same green tracksuit. Cast were given these suits as part of the promotional swag boxes as well, with the tag “Squid Game” instead of a contestant number.

The 457th contestant for Squid Game is…? Netflix’s father, CEO Reed Hastings, who crossed the Pacific Ocean. #WeweresearchingforSquidGameaddictsand #thefinalbossappeared

— Netflix Korea

It looks like love for the drama is universal! Catch it on Netflix is you haven’t!

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