“Squid Game”‘s Lee Yoo Mi Catapults Into Stardom, As She Gains Almost 365,000 Instagram Followers In Record Time

Holy crap, this is actually insane 🤯

Squid Game is continuing to impress the world, as they smash records and soar into uncharted popularity worldwide. Naturally, as the K-Drama experiences a surge in popularity, so do the actors that appear in the series — and one particular actress is seeing great favor like never before.

Poster for “Squid Game” | Netflix

Meet Lee Yoo Mi, the actress who plays the role of Ji Yeong in the dark Netflix series. Having made her debut back in 2009, the 27-year-old actress has been in the industry for over 10 years. She has since appeared in 14 different series and 12 different films during her time as an actress.

Actress Lee Yoo Mi | @leeyoum262/Instagram

Despite her decade long career and impressive resume, however, Lee Yoo Mi is just making a breakthrough following her appearance in Squid Game. As she continues to make headline after headline, her popularity was confirmed through her recent surge in Instagram followers.

Lee Yoo Mi in “Squid Game” | Netflix

Prior to her Squid Game appearance, the actress boasted around 43,000 Instagram followers, which is an impressive number all on its own.

43,000 followers before “Squid Game” appearance | @leeyoum262/Instagram

Following the release of Squid Game, however, the actress is now at a whopping 408,000 followers! Given that the series only premiered 5 days ago, that means Lee Yoo Mi gained over 365,000 followers in less than a week!

408,000 followers after her “Squid Game” appearance | @leeyoum262/Instagram

The craziest part is that the number keeps increasing by the hour! If that’s what she’s capable of in under a week, we can’t imagine what the future holds for the Squid Game actress!

| @leeyoum262/Instagram

We get a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of the talented actress so congratulations to to Lee Yoo Mi and all of her newfound success!

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