Netflix Under Fire From Netizens For Shady TikTok About “Single’s Inferno” Contestant Seong Min Ji


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The hit reality dating show Single’s Inferno concluded over the weekend, but we can’t get over it, and apparently, neither can Netflix.

The “Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

Single’s Inferno follows a similar concept to other hit series such as Love Island and Too Hot to Handle but with a lot less skinship. The Korean reality dating show follows a group of sexy and single Koreans learning to survive (and love) on a deserted island, referred to as “Inferno.” Being given only the bare necessities provides them the opportunity to focus on building connections with each other. If feelings are reciprocated, the couples get to go to a hotel referred to as “Paradise,” where they can connect more.

From left: Oh Jin Taek, Kang So Yeon, Kim Hyun Joong, Choi Si Jun, Shin Ji Yeon, Kim Jun Sik, An Yea Won, Moon Se Hoon, and Song Ji A. | Netflix

Nearly everyone managed to go to Paradise at least once except for one person: newcomer Seong Min Ji. Out of all twelve contestants, she was the only person who did not get the opportunity to visit Paradise with anyone.

Seong Min Ji | Netflix

That’s one con of joining the show so late (she appeared over halfway through along with Kim Su Min). Both new women fell for Moon Se Hoon, who had been on hard-luck himself in terms of love until their arrival.

Se Hoon (left) and Min Ji (right). | Netflix

Despite both their interests in him, he proved to be a one-woman man and chose Shin Ji Yeon until the end. Lucky for him that he did because going to Paradise truly helped these two to work things out after so long.

| @kdrama_baragi/Twitter

Even Kim Su Min went to Paradise as a reward for a game she won. She had since been able to connect with another man, Choi Si Jun, although he still had his heart set on Song Ji A (as did two other guys).

Kim Su Min (left) and Choi Si Jun (right) in Paradise | Netflix

Unfortunately for Min Ji, just about everyone was paired off. Oh Jin Taek and Kang So Yeon were definitely committed to each other at this point, as were An Yea Won and Kim Jun Sik. The only guy who was free to hang out with was Kim Hyun Joong (also known as Kim Hyeon Joong), so all that Min Ji could do was lament with him over both of their love interests being off with other people.

Kim Hyun Joong (left) and Seong Min Ji (right) in Inferno | Netflix

Yet, some viewers feel her response to the unfortunate situation was not the best. It was similar to So Hoon’s depressive moments as Ji Yeon continued to go to Paradise with other men.

Other contestants talking about Moon Se Hoon in Inferno | Netflix

Still, many viewers were stunned by a recent post from Netflix itself that seemed to be throwing shade at Min Ji.

Seong Min Ji | Netflix

The official TikTok account for Netflix shared a video using RobertKenobi‘s trending “Works Of Art” audio courtesy of professional voice actor Stefan Johnson‘s voice. “This is a work of art” is repeated over and over as clips of each woman contestant from Single’s Inferno plays.

| @netflix/TikTok

The audio concludes with, “But this…” After a pause, it says one last time, “…is a work of art.” However, the video in question was ultimately too short to include that last statement.

| @netflix/TikTok

So, when the video shows footage of Seong Min Ji, it seems to communicate that she is the exception and she is supposedly inferior to the rest of the women.


all of the #singlesinferno girls are works of artaudio credit: @Stefan Johnson

♬ Works Of Art – RobertKenobi

Many saw the TikTok video in a humorous light, as was surely the creator’s intention. Users jokingly mentioned that this was the first time Yea Won has had an equal amount of screentime as her fellow contestants.

| @netflix/TikTok

The majority, though, couldn’t ignore the implications about Min Ji. Fans of the show suggested that the video should have stayed in the drafts.

| @netflix/TikTok

On the other hand, a lot defended Netflix’s post. These select few said that, based on the portrayal of Min Ji on the show, she was their least favorite.

| @netflix/TikTok


Still, the overwhelming majority of comments favored Min Ji and called out Netflix for shading their own cast member. Many comments included, “LEAVE MINJI ALONE.” 

| @netflix/TikTok

Some netizens didn’t take sides. Others simply gave the benefit of the doubt, saying that the social media manager behind the post probably didn’t realize the clip wasn’t long enough to include the last statement.

| @netflix/TikTok

Regardless, users believed that this would result in a deleted video. It’s already been a couple of days, and this has yet to occur.

| @netflix/TikTok
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