Netflix’s “The Devil’s Plan” Winner Ha Seok Jin Explains Why He Broke Down In Tears When Lee Si Won Left

He didn’t understand originally why contestants cried.

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Netflix‘s latest reality survival show, The Devil’s Plan, first aired on September 26 and recently concluded with its finale, revealing its winner to be actor Ha Seok Jin.

Contestants face off in games of wit and strategy, striving to be crowned winner and go home with the ultimate prize.

— Netflix

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Ha Seok Jin recently spoke with The Korea Times in an interview about the show, revealing behind-the-scenes information and what happened after the 12-part show.

At first, it was a personal mission to see how smart I am. I wanted to show that someone in his 40s can also play mind games with others … I didn’t think I would be the top player as I was filming. I felt a lot of shortcomings in my strategies so I merely tried my best to play the part as a contestant. I was unfamiliar with competitive, survival game shows, so I needed time to adapt.

— Ha Seok Jin

Actor Ha Seok Jin | Netflix

He explained that initially, he joined the join to challenge his intellect, but he never expected to win. Yet, participating in The Devil’s Plan was also an emotional journey. Ha Seok Jin originally did not understand why contestants would cry for others who got eliminated, but he evolved.

At first, I didn’t understand when other players cried when a contestant got eliminated. But through the process, I came to be true to my emotions. I used to have a mindset not to expose my feelings easily, but when Lee Si-won got eliminated I burst into tears.

— Ha Seok Jin

Ha Seok Jin cried when actress Lee Si Won was eliminated. Due to the extreme isolation, he became emotionally vulnerable, especially as his fellow contestants left. There were only twelve to start with, anyway.

Being isolated on the set was the biggest part … It felt like 12 of us were the only people on the Earth and when one person left, everyone was emotionally shaken. Especially when I went to prison, it felt like I was on an island with Lee and when she left, I broke down.

— Ha Seok Jin


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Source: The Korea Times