What Netflix’s “The Devil’s Plan” Winner Ha Seok Jin Did With His Prize Money

He won $185,000 USD!

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Recently, the winner of Netflix‘s latest reality survival show, The Devil’s Plan, was interviewed by The Korea Times. 

Contestants face off in games of wit and strategy, striving to be crowned winner and go home with the ultimate prize.

— Netflix

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Actor Ha Seok Jin was the winner out of twelve diverse contestants. He competed in the 12-part series of games, which aired on September 26. Ultimately, he won 250 million won ($185,000 USD) in prize money after beating science YouTuber Orbit in the final round.

Actor Ha Seok Jin | Netflix

Ha Seok Jin shockingly revealed that he had not actually made plans regarding the prize money because he hadn’t expected to win. Initially, he just joined to discover his intelligence level.

At first, it was a personal mission to see how smart I am. I wanted to show that someone in his 40s can also play mind games with others … I didn’t think I would be the top player as I was filming. I felt a lot of shortcomings in my strategies so I merely tried my best to play the part as a contestant. I was unfamiliar with competitive, survival game shows, so I needed time to adapt.

— Ha Seok Jin


So, at the time of the interview, Ha Seok Jin’s prize money was simply sitting in a bank. He thinks planning how to use the money properly continues with The Devil’s Plan. 

(The money) is sitting in the bank. I didn’t plan how I’d use it. It’s more of a prize of achievement … I think coming up with the plans for how to use the prize is also part of ‘The Devil’s Plan.’

— Ha Seok Jin


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Source: The Korea Times