Netflix Just Released Its First Legal Rom-Com With A Korean-American Female Lead And K-Netizens Are Loving It

They especially love the lead actress, Arden Cho.

Netflix just released its first legal rom-com with an East Asian lead. More specifically, Partner Track‘s lead is Korean-American. Enter Ingrid Yun (played by Arden Cho), a high-powered M&A lawyer in her 6th year. She’s been working her ass off to make partner at her firm.

Enter Jeff Murphy (played by Dominic Sherwood), her one-night stand from years ago at a wedding.

Dominic Sherwood as Jeff Murphy and Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun. | Netflix

As the main banner image suggests, she’s a lady stuck in a man’s world. In the workforce, she has to battle racism, micro-aggressions and of course, sexism.

| Netflix

While she may or may not have come out on top, her high-powered, ambitious and genuine character spoke to many. In particular, her story is resonating with the Korean audience, who are taken with the show.

| Netflix

The show received a glowing review on community site theqoo, and the post soon went viral. With over 93,000 views on the post, everyone was gushing over how gorgeous the female lead was. It seems that the set-up of a working Korean woman in New York really struck a chord with the Korean audience.

Response to Partner Track. | theqoo
  • “I thought that the female lead was gorgeous since some time ago. She’s pretty here too.”
  • “Ah I really love work-themed shows set in New York and this is absolutely perfect with the female lead being Korean even.”
  • “Gasp, this looks so fun.”
  • “The female lead is f*cking pretty and it’s also super fun.”
  • “She’s really so f*cking pretty.”

Not only do they gush over Arden Cho’s stunning visuals, but they’re also finding pleasure in the bits of Korean language and culture peppered in the show.

If you’re into legal rom-coms with a huge twist at the end, Partner Track is definitely up your alley!

Source: theqoo