What Is Netflix’s “Golden?” It’s All About Asian Entertainment

Check out Netflix’s latest social media channel.

Netflix is home to many of our favorite shows and soon-to-be movies.

From the Korean thriller series Squid Game

“Squid Game” poster. | Netflix

…to the hit reality dating show Single’s Inferno

“Single’s Inferno” poster. | Netflix

Don’t even get us started on the numerous iconic K-Dramas!

“Vincenzo” poster. | Netflix

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” poster. | Netflix

So, it seems only fitting that Netflix spotlight all of its great Asian content. Now, they’re doing so by introducing a new social media channel called Golden.

Today, Golden has accounts on all major social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Netflix oftentimes creates social media channels or brands dedicated to the streaming service’s various specific audiences. For example, Strong Black Lead is for all content amplifies the Black experience, Con Todo is for Latinx stories, and Most if for everything LGBTQIA+.

Meanwhile, there are socials for Netflix’s different genres. Geeked is for, well, anything “geeky,” so like Sci-Fi and superheroes. Netflix Is a Joke is all comedic entertainment, from sit-coms to standup comedy. Netflix Film is, of course, movies.

So, similar to other diversity-focused brands like Strong Black Lead, Golden is dedicated to amplifying Asian voices. Considering the increase of Asian-targeted hate since COVID-19, it seems like this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Netflix VP editorial and publishing Michelle Lee explained how Golden was developed, and it’s been a work-in-process for over a year. It is her first major initiative as a leader since joining Netflix.

There’s been this awesome flywheel [effect] within entertainment and culture where it’s not just API screenwriters or authors getting something produced [but also] directors of the community hiring actors of the community. We have so many more wonderful, nuanced stories to tell. We know the audience is there, and truly the purpose of Golden is to be that platform to celebrate and champion our community.

— Michelle Lee

 | Netflix

Golden will be home to new franchises. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they will be “spotlighting Netflix talent of API descent from across the diaspora and around the world.” This includes a new interview show in collaboration with Wong Fu Productions, Spill the Boba Tea. It previously premiered on the Still Watching Netflix’s YouTube.

Spill the Boba Tea will continue on January 7 on Golden’s Instagram. The next episode will include guest Emily in Paris star Ashley Park.

Ashley Park in “Emily in Paris.” | Netflix

Up until now, the more Asian-focused socials for Netflix were, of course, based on countries. Many of us already follow the socials for Netflix Korea, Netflix Japan, Netflix Philippines, etc.

The closest we’ve had to a brand channel was The Swoon which Netflix described as their “community for global fans of K-content.” However, The Swoon is most active on YouTube and doesn’t have accounts on all social media platforms.

We are by the fans, for the fans, and we are here to celebrate the stories and the talent that.

— Netflix’s The Swoon

Despite its similar name, Golden is technically unaffiliated with Netflix Gold, Netflix’s “marketing partnership with API-focused nonprofit Gold House (whose board Lee recently joined).” 

Source: The Hollywood ReporterC

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